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Customer service

Our experienced, highly trained staffis at your service. With offices in Berlin, Backnang, Herne and Bayern we can guarantee a comprehensive service all over Germany. We are also available for assignments in the neighbouring countries Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria and Poland.


You can contact us 24/7 via our service numbers.


The processing of the orders and the associated operating cycles follow the strict quality criteria laid down by DIN ISO 9001. These are constantly scrutinised and improved by us. We value your opinions in this context.





Inspection, maintenance and repair

With 30 years of experience we are proficient in repairing and maintaining the gas warning systems of nearly all renowned manufacturers.


The same is true for the controlled air supply and exhaust air systems.






Testing by authorities and expert witnesses

Thanks to the large number of tests we have excellent contacts with the building authorities and expert witnesses. We’d be glad to advise you in this area, too.







Contact us for an individual consultation.